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This section represents what Heartland is all about: finding lasting and loving families for all of its homeless animals.

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Do you see your pet? Fill out a Lost Report and call the shelter! On closed days, leave a message and a staff member will call you to retrieve your pet.
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Animal Care Programs

Heartland staff members and volunteers work hard to ensure our animals are healthy and happy. We use the Open Paw program to reduce the stress for dogs while they are in the kennels and provides basic training. Open Paw engages volunteers, staff, and even the visiting public.

Our cat population benefits from the Meet Your Match program. By identifying the different personality traits of adoptable cats, and matching them with the traits adopters want, we can successfully increase adoptions and reduce returns.

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Wild Animals

Heartland is not equipped to assist wild animals. If you have found a wild animal please call Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at 541-745-5324 x1